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Spouse Loss

Spouse Loss - Elder Care Experts

Spouse loss can be a traumatizing experience at any age. Death of a spouse can cause tremendous mental emotional stress clubbed with psychological impacts such as depression, loneliness and agony which can lead to physical consequences such as sleeplessness, lack of appetite.

In Most cases when an older adult loses his/her spouse the grief is evident in their daily life, they lose interest in their own care, lose interest in social integration, poor nutrition and it eventually effects their immunity making them more prone to serious morbidities.

Researches have shown that the risk of elderly person dying within the three months of their spouse is double in old age this phenomenon is often referred as “Broken Heart Syndrome”.

Elderly who suffered spouse loss needs a close monitoring and assistance to ensure the surviving spouse does not slip into fatalities due to extreme grief.

Families play an important role here in order to check if their elderly beloved one suffering death of their spouse is slipped into psychological issues, whereas communities with less filial support systems can make sure their elderly population suffering with spouse loss can be extended societal support systems to ensure they stay healthy.

In India scenarios families and children need to pay a special attention to ensure they are made felt wanted and loved. Immediate families or children of the surviving parent who is suffering with spouse loss can ensure they do not slip into depression or develop any other psychological impacts. Social and filial support systems helps them combat loneliness.

Families ensuring the support systems made available to ensure all the resources are provided to them when needed, is also paramount in assisting a parent suffering spouse loss.

Helping them increase their social interactions, Helping the socially integrate by arranging the right milieu and resources can have a progressive development in bring a parent out from post spouse loss emotional distress.

Roping in organizations working for elderly may have specialized care or programs to ensure the elderly suffering with spouseless can participate and overcome the bereavement.

This kind of progressive measure to seek professional help has to be view with positive outlook than stigmatic outlook as most families are novice and managing their beloved on in pain as much as they are may be challenging.

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