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Who We Help

Older adult

As the pioneer and leader in social gerontology practice, Elder Care Experts understand the issues people face as they grow older. Our emphasis is on helping you live as independently as possible with the best quality of life supported by professionals who care. We give much importance to preventive care, because many untoward incidents are avoidable. Few understand the challenge of living day in and day out with a chronic illness. Care Councillors at Elder Care Experts have years of experience helping individuals and their families manage daily and ongoing needs associated with chronic illness. We also have a panel of elder law attorneys and financial advisors for our clients estate planning. We have long-standing working relationships with private duty home care providers to best match their services to your needs.

Meet with Our Social Gerontologists To :

  • Learn how to best plan for your future.
  • Find out which resources that are appropriate for you.
  • Understand benefits and insurance you are entitled to.
  • Explore options for living independently or in an assisted-living facility, retirement community, or nursing home.
  • Understand the preventive care measures to retain the quality of life.
  • Receive guidance around how to discuss difficult issues with your family.
  • Learn more about the disease and medication.
  • Make decisions about your future that feel right.


Sometimes the best way you can care for an older family member or someone with chronic illness is to forge a working relationship with the immediate family. This is because ultimately it is the family who takes decisions on behalf of the parent. It is also important that the family coming together without any difference of opinion makes life easier for every stake holder. With years of experience as Care Experts family members can depend on our assessment and suggestions. Our professional assistance can be a boon to the Family members who live far away from their relative making the long distance caregiving a success.

Meet with Our Social Gerontologists:

  • To avail assistance for someone at medical appointments to help understand instructions and make sure they are followed
  • To get guidance on resources, medical care, or end-of-life decisions
  • To involve with communication and decision making
  • To act as a mediator to sort out the differences of opinion about care options
  • To act as a go-between, when you live at a distance or don’t have a close relationship with your relative but want to be sure they are well cared for
  • To get assistance to coordinate a range of services, including medical, home care, and community supports
  • To ensure periodical nutritional and medical reviews.