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Timely intervention to ward off elder abuse

Ramachandra Adiga , aged now 86, was brought to the care facility without any notice to the care facility.  The usual protocols like, assessments, setting care goal, drawing a care plan, none of it was actually happened. His daughter Renuka was almost in tears and narrated the story. Ramachandran was...

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Selecting the best run care home

Ramanujam was  a feisty, independent-minded, and solitary 92 -year-old man who, after a fall and many complications, had been living in various ‘care homes’ for more than three years. He never stayed in any place more than four months and Janakiraman, his eldest son lost count of it. Fed up...

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Became Very old – outlived all children

Jayalakshmi 98 out lived all her 6 children. It’s a boon to live longer but to live longer enough to see all your children’s death isn’t. All her life she looked after her 6 children when they grew up and few she cared for when they were in death bed...

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Ageing in Place

Mr. and Mrs. Gonsalves , a loving couple, had been living in their own home ever since Brigadier retired. He was 94years old and she was 85. He had served army quite a long time and she was a gifted artist and gallery owner and the homemaker for the family....

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A daughter’s dilemma about elderly parents care and finances

Neeraja Metri, a scientist with the defence establishment, had a busy work schedule and two adolescent children. Her parents lived far away from the home town where Neeraja grew up. Her father had been to farming and her mother was home bound. But now her parents seemed unable to manage...

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