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Compassion Fatigue – Don’t Wait Until it Hurts You.

Because of the demanding nature of working in long-term care, primary care givers, and many professionals including nurses, run the risk of suffering from burnout and compassion fatigue. By adopting healthy lifestyle choices and focusing on burnout and compassion fatigue prevention, you can minimize work stresses and their toll. The author is...

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Is Age and Unhappiness Related?

This question is very intriguing as there is no straight answer. According to social gerontologists like us, there is no reason to be unhappy and lonely in old age provided you plan a bit early to be ‘social’. There is a myth in the society that elders are all grumpy...

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Timely Intervention is Important in Elder Care

“Mr. Jacob, I regret, not taking your advice, Had I been acting according to your suggestion, my parents would have been in a better state now. I wouldn’t have traded your advise for the world. I can’t explain in words the suffering my parents going through today and I sort...

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