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Socialisation In Old Age

Socialisation In Old Age - Elder Care Experts

Many studies have shown that social integration increases life span than the healthy life style or better health care. In the urban living conditions there are ample challenges to have a successful social life for older adults. If they get uprooted when children migrate to far-away places, mobility restrictions due to chronic illnesses and lack of assistance may impede socialisation.

Many baby boomers have turned tech savvy and keep their social life intact interacting with friends and ex-colleagues. Virtual socialisation on social media platforms also has a greater impact over their well-being. Several studies have shown that mental, physical, emotional well-being is kept intact if socialisation is intact, thus it prevents morbidity in elderly.

Elderly patients with mental conditions have shown tremendous improvement with enhanced socialisation.  For example, elderly with mental conditions like, depression and psychosis, did better especially in institutionalised care setting because of mingling and interacting with other people.

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