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It’s An Experience Not A Responsibility

Responsibility - Elder Care Experts

Caring for older parents during their fag end of life, is the most fulfilling experience one can have. Parents who cared for us for many long years is being cared by us today. Holding the hand who held us, feeding those who fed us, guiding them carefully through their unsteady steps and listening to their incoherence patiently, exactly how they did to us once when we were a child, is the most valuable virtues of all.

Unfortunately, not the same for many. As practicing social gerontologists we have some reservations about the new generation families because we come across strained relations between the old parents and children. Older parents care is viewed as just a responsibility like other chores not as an experience.

Not many children seem to have been enjoying this phase of their life where they care for their parents in death bed. When caring for older parents is viewed as just a responsibility it becomes a task and not a pleasant feeling. In most cases if we see it as just a responsibility it becomes a customary act of extending support to a family member. Caring for parents through their last lap of their life’s journey is quite rewarding and fulfilling. It is also setting an example for the next generation, helping them understand the joy of caring older parents with utmost love.

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