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Failed Domiciliary Care

Failed Domiciliary Care - Elder Care Experts

Domiciliary care (home based care) fails due to various reasons. In most cases, when the home based care arrangement fails and the blame always goes to the incompetency of the care giver. It is true to a certain extend but not always.

Home based care fails due to various reasons; lack of resources at homes, lack of team work from the family members, challenging tasks, too many tasks mostly beyond the capability of one carer and patient condition demands more care givers, patient exhibits challenging behaviours etc are the very few crucial reason why domiciliary care fails. Care gets disrupted when health care agencies not able to maintain continuum of care as the carer takes leave or absent at work. When the going gets tough (burnout), most carers are not willing to discuss problems but suddenly pulls out from the work without notice is a regular problem faced by patients and families.

Another contributing factor is the frequent change of carers and it can be due to various reasons like carer and families not able to gel and cultural issues. Agencies, family and the carers should work as a team in order to achieve a success in domiciliary care services. Agencies should counsel the families about the challenges faced by the carers, competency of the carer, what families are expected of, what is expected of a carer and what is not. Similarly, selection of carer for a particular patient or task depending on their competency, ensuring they are equipped with the full knowledge of patient’s condition, family dynamics, what she or he is expected of in the work as well as what she can expect from the families and patients are a major miss.

Unless you plug these loopholes,there are more chances of failure of home based health care.

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