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Care Home Stigma

Care Home Stigma - Elder Care Experts

In societies like India, where traditionally caring older parents were done well within the homes, ‘old age homes’ or institutionalised care is a stigma. Changing world has posed new challenges, and opportunities. Advanced health care and improved standard of living has enhanced life-span. If increased longevity is the advantage of the new world, complexities associated with older parents care is certainly a challenge.

One or more protracted illnesses and other co-morbidities, age related infirmity, lack of home based health care, not able to achieve optimum care at home are the few of the major causes that demands admission into care home. Fall, decubitus ulcers, urinary infections are more likely to be the result of inferior care and also the result of ignoring preventive care.

When opting for ‘Ageing in Place’, Care extended by untrained and poorly skilled care givers will make matters worse. Lack of constant monitoring also leads to inferior care of the patients. In such scenarios, care home are the best choice to get appropriate care. For choosing the right care home, one should ask pertinent questions to ensure the care home serves the purpose. Ensure that staffs are adequately trained and certified, adequate staff-patient ratio is maintained, cleanliness is maintained, and above all seek the passion and experience of the management.

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